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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

1)   When can I receive the wristbands or other products that I've ordered?

This depends on when you will need the products. We do have 4 types of deliveries that we can offer you. We have Regular , Rush , Priority and International Shipping.  Regular shipping usually takes 2 to 3 weeks and the others will depend upon the quantity and urgency of your order.

2)   How can I pay for my orders?

You can pay now by using your Master Card, Visa, Discover Cards and American Express Visa Card. You may also use PayPal and checks to pay.

3)   What is the minimum quantity of the orders that I can get?

You can have a minimum of 100 pieces per order. Other special customize bands are subject for negotiation and approval of wristbandsForever.com

4)  How can I personalize the products that I will order?

You have the opportunity to submit a copy of your logo or even provide us with you own artwork upon ordering online by uploading it. It would be better if you will talk to our trusted and efficient people. (Pls call 805- 350 5770)

5)   Can I order wristbands with a different color than the Popular colors?

WristbandsForever.com can offer a much comprehensive service by calling our trusted sales representatives (Pls call 805- 350 5770) . We want to assist and guide you for the whole process and provide you the final and best price quote. However, if you need to match an exact color or would prefer another color we can do that for you as well. We can tour and give you the link and see the Pantone color chart. You will just simply give us the exact PMS code no for custom-colored wristbands.

6)    Can my order be split into different colors?

Yes. We can split your order into different colors.. Call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-805-350-5770

7)    What are the available sizes?

  Standard Sizes :
Toddler Size - 150 mm circumference
Youth Size - 180mm "same"
Medium Size - 190mm "same"
Large Size – 202mm "same"
Extra Large – 210 mm "same"

   Other customize size:     "pls call for assistance"  1- (805)- 350 5770

8)   What are your bracelets made off?

WristbandsForver wristbands are made of 100% genuine silicone industrial made, unlike the flimsier and lower-quality rubber bracelets offered by others. Our wristbands are manufactured to the highest standard and specifications which is comparable to popular Lance Armstrong's Live Strong bracelets,  We GUARANTEE the same thickness, the same deboss depth, and the same durability.

9)    How can I confirm or verify my order?

You will automatically receive a confirmation email if you order online. If you were able to order over the phone, we will send you a confirmation email as well. The confirmation message that you will receive also contains a tracking number that you can use as a reference.

10)    What should I do if I need to cancel my orders?

This will depend on different circumstances. It would be better if you will call our Customer Hotline Number to discuss it with us so we can better assist you as well.
11)    PRICEMATCH? Click that tab or button, message us, and avail that promo!!!
Let me us know how much the best offer and quote, we will beat that price and give you additional 5% to 10% ADDITIONAL FREE BANDS.

12)    Do you have special promos or discounts for valued customers?

www.wristbandsforever.com, or CALL ………805 350 5770

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